LÜNA Coffee – Melon Hibiscus

Melon Hibiscus Coffee Bag


LÜNA Coffee is a newly founded coffee roaster in the Vancouver area. They specialize in lightly roasted coffee and sourcing directly with coffee farmers to ensure a fair and high quality supply chain.

Their coffee bags are definitely eye catching. Their coffee line up features a colorful design that takes up the entire bag and is hard to miss when you see it on the shelf. Their coffees also have funky names such as “Disco Marmalade” and “Juiceberry” that just conveys a fun and bright light roast . Each bag contains 250g of coffee and cost about $22 CAD


Here we have their colorful coffee blend “Melon Hibiscus”. It is a Kenyan coffee from the Kamoini  washing station in Nyeri County. Coffee beans from Kenya are graded from a scale started at AA, which are the largest. Melon Hibiscus is an AB grade so slightly smaller than the largest AA bean.

Melon Hibiscus contains a mix of SL-28, SL-34 (SL stands for Scott Labs) beans which are amongst Kenya’s finest. The acidity and cup complexity flavors come from these beans however they are very susceptible to disease while growing. There is also some of the Ruiru-11 varietal in Melon Hibiscus. While not as high quality as the SL beans, Ruiru 11 was developed as a hearty and highly disease resistant coffee bean.


The coffee was ground using a Commandante C40 Mk3 hand grind cofffee grinder at a setting of 28 clicks.


I used a Hario V60 pour over for this brew. The V60 allows for greater control and flexibility in brewing because of the wide opening at the bottom.

The brew ratio was about 16:1 which translates to about 500g of water to 30g of coffee. This yields about 2 cups of coffee at the end.

The method followed Scott Rao’s technique. It is a method which I found to produce a consistent cup of coffee and finish brewing within a predictable range.

Here’s an timeline for the brew with the amount of coffee yielded . The brew finished in about 3:30 minutes. Pour times are located on the graph. This will be the amount of water to pour into the Stir dots are the times to stir the V60. This consists of gently rotating the V60 circularly to evenly distribute the grounds to the bottom of the brewer.

Coffee Flavor Notes

Melon Hibiscus is a very well balanced coffee blend. There are notes of cantaloupe with some slight floral notes. As the coffee cools, there’s a subtle milk chocolate body. Very delicate and light notes all around.

LÜNA has kept the acidity and juicy flavors well balanced with the other flavors of the coffee. It is not an overpowering acidic flavor profile that hits you straight away that is common in other Kenyan coffees. It is a well developed light roast coffee that does not travel too far into the acidic spectrum of light roasts

Final Thoughts

LÜNA Coffee has created a very well crafted light roast Kenyan coffee with Melon Hibiscus. The entire experience from the name, packaging and flavor profile all contribute to a fun and enjoyable coffee experience.

For those that are looking for a less acidic Kenyan coffee, Melon Hibiscus will be a good place to start.